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  • Prep2Star has created "The Ultimate Fan Experience" by combining the "voices" of the FAN with coaches, scouts and athletes.
  • Just like online consumer ratings services (Angies List®, Yelp®, TripAdvisor® and BBB®) will influence purchase decisions, Prep2Star's Ultimate Fan Experience will have similar impact on the recruitment process.
  • Prep2Star believe Fans " know the game", and we uniquely allow social media to influence the athletes "star appeal".
  • Prep2Star answers the question; "who is behind those All-Whatever lists?" IT'S YOUR TURN -"Your voice is finally heard"
  • Prep2Star depends on and encourages the involvement of an active and knowledgeable FAN base to influence the student-athlete's chances of getting a scholarship.
  • Prep2Star's athletic ratings are not solely limited to a scouting system. We believe Fans, are the athletes "audience" and they heavily influence the athletes rating and exposure.
  • Prep2Star encourages membership from the athlete starting in their freshman year. This allows the athlete to "self market" very early in the process and not have to "scramble" for a scholarship in their senior year.
  • Prep2Star multi-sport profile does not restrict the athlete choices, this is important because most high school athletes compete in multiple sports and maybe "scholarship worthy" for either sport.
  • Prep2Star is very affordable for the student-athletes and their parents. The availability of FREE or Upgraded memberships gives the athlete the option of selecting which membership works best for them.
  • Athlete members can tell which colleges have or have not viewed their profile, which influences the athlete's "self marketing" activities.
  • Our goal is to become the "best of class" and leading college recruiting network, assisting student-athletes and their parents to connect with the colleges and the millions of dollars in available scholarship funds.
  • Prep2Star is for "the rest of us". That is, if your child is a TOP 10 athlete in your state, you don't need us. Your child is most likely already loaded with scholarship offers.
  • Prep2Star 's collegiate recruiting service is designed to assist student-athletes in their quest to continue their passion for sports on the collegiate level and receive scholarships which could help to alleviate educational debt.
  • Prep2Star, by comparison to our competition is extremely affordable. Many athletic recruiting services may can cost athlete's parents thousands of dollars and still do not reap a scholarship.
  • Prep2Star restrict "online bullying", because unlike message boards and forums, Prep2Star only allow posted comments from our network of scouts. Also, since Prep2Stars rating system is open to our entire member network, a few "malcontents" do not heavily influence an individual athlete overall rating.
  • Prep2Star encourages communication between coaches and players. Player's profile include the factors that would influence their college choice, the factors that greatly facilitates the "matching" process with the colleges, making it easier to realistically recruit a student-athlete that WANTS to attend your school
  • Prep2Star makes the recruiting process extremely easy for coaches. College coaches can easily make comparison to all athletes in our network and all of the athlete profile information is easily searchable.
  • College coaches have access to our full database that contains not only athletic ability ratings but also VERIFIED academic, college eligibility, activities and educational planning information.
  • Prep2Star services vastly expands the marketing exposure and appeal of student-athletes to a global audience, which assists college coaches to reach beyond the limited pool of the most highly publicized local talent.
  • Prep2Star services are NCAA complaint and follow their recruiting services guidelines.
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